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BDPA Hall of Fame

One of the beautiful things about owning your own blog is that you can create stuff. I often talk about people being in the so-called BDPA Hall of Fame . In fact, the very first BETF-blog post focused on a 'Hall of Fame' candidate.

It dawned on me that we could begin the process of creating our own BDPA Hall of Fame right here on this blog. The BDPA Hall of Fame will include an inaugural member -- a BDPAer whose presence in the hallowed halls is beyond debate.

Future additions to the BDPA Hall of Fame will come from you!

Once a month, we'll accept nominations from the comments section of this blog and our Twitter feed. We'll narrow the field to three candidates, write a post arguing the case for his or her inclusion and another against it. Then we'll put it to a vote. It's that simple.

There aren't any other rules at this point. I hope you will participate. You can begin right away. Who do you think should be elevated to the BDPA Hall of Fame?

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BETF-Blog is proud to announce the inaugural member of the mythical BDPA Hall of Fame ... Earl A. Pace Jr! BDPA existed in the mind of Earl Pace before it became a reality. Earl worked with David Wimberly and others to turn their vision into a reality.

Earl A. Pace Jr. has been in the Information Technology industry since 1965. He began as a computer programmer trainee at the Pennsylvania Railroad. He left the PRR in 1967.

Over the next ten years he rose through the ranks of programmer, programmer analyst, programming manager to Vice President of a financial telecommunications company in Philadelphia, PA.

He became a business owner in 1976 when he incorporated Pace Data Systems for which he is still president. Pace Data Systems is a full service Information Technology firm providing services through its Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC offices primarily to Banks and Savings Banks.

In 1975 he co-founded Black Data Processing Associates in Philadelphia and operated as its president for two years, In 1978 he coordinated the formation of BDPA into a national organization and functioned as its First National President until 1980. BDPA has grown into the largest national professional organization representing minorities in the IT industry.

Within BDPA and on a broader national scale, Earl Pace has been a vocal advocate for business ownership. His primary message since starting BDPA has been that minorities should strive to rise above just a job to Board of Director’s membership and beyond that to owning and operating their own businesses.

Earl Pace continues to be very active in the business and education community in Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. As well as other cities in which he has business interests that enable him to be present regularly.

Please use the REPLY TO THIS TOPIC option to share your thoughts, memories or insights about Earl Pace.

I think Earl's nomination and approval is a layup. Earl and his contributions to BDPA stands head and shoulders above the rest.


How about these:

  • Vivian C Wilson
  • Dr Jesse Bemley
  • Diane Davis
  • Wayne Hicks 

I would like to see Earl Pace, Wayne Hicks, Diane Davis and Vivian Wilson nominated at some point. Not sure how many you want to do a year.


Thanks for starting this.

@Curvie - Earl will be inducted into the inaugural class of our mythical BDPA Hall of Fame.   Wayne (me) is ineligible for nomination since I'm creating the process.   Therefore your nominations for Vivian Wilson, Diane Davis and Dr. Jesse Bemley are on the board.    Care to share your thoughts or key reasons you nominating these three legends?   What makes them Hall of Fame candidates in your view?    Surprising, there may be many in BDPA today who don't know about one or more of your nominees.

@Vicki - Same for you.  Care to share your reasons for nominating Diane and Vivian?

@Everyone Else - would you like to nominate anyone for the BDPA Hall of Fame?  Would you like to share your thoughts, memories or endorsements for Bemley, Davis or Wilson?


Can someone else take over the process so we can nominate you? That has to happen with all the work you have done in the past and what you are doing currently. There is no way that you aren't going to be in the Hall of Fame.


Diane Davis should be nominated because under her Presidency of the Detroit chapter she must of facilitated more new chapters in her time. Please give me the history. She historically influenced more members and people being presidents in her day.

Vivian Wilson was the National President when Diane Davis, Michael McCrimmon, Michael Robinson were presidents and the Board of Director's with great VP's such as yourself, Tony Adams, Michael Mooney, Darryl Bradley, Millicent Fuller, Beverly Meadows, etc handling their chapter's business inspired the rest of us in membership retention and creation.


Please let me know if you need more information. I stand by my nominations and I definitely agree that Dr. Bemley has to be put in there also.

Thanks for starting this and I still want to see you in there. The next nominations from me would be Tony Adams, Michael Robinson, Michael McCrimmon.

How many are you planning to put in each year/month/quarter?

@Vicki - You bring a smile to my face with your kind comments.   I'm content for now being the creator of the 'mythical' BDPA Hall of Fame.    I will add your nominations for Tony Adams, Michael Robinson and Michael McCrimmon to the mix.   

My current plan is to allow y'all to cast votes on a monthly basis for any nominees.   Based on the votes we will induct anywhere from 1-3 people into the BDPA Hall of Fame each month.

Any specific testimonial, insight or other thoughts on Tony, Michael or Doc that you want to share with the group in support of their nomination?

Just like you they supported me without question or hesitation and were instrumental in helping me start the Massachusetts chapter. They were tireless in answering any questions and making me feel comfortable on the Board at every National meeting.

You know who we HAVE to nominate? Ollie Morgan. I could go on and on about him. I know you and Milt can write that up magnificently.

Let me know if you need any help with this. I like this a lot. Great idea.

Thank you

Vicki - I had to make some adjustments to the process --- however, your nomination for Ollie Morgan is in the mix.

peace, Wayne

Curvie -- I had to make some adjustments to the process --- however, your nomination for Diane and Vivian are in the mix.   I'm not eligible since I'm hosting the HOF process on my blog.   Dr. Bemley doesn't qualify under the revised rules.   I recently learned that he was president of BDPA Washington DC chapter back in the day.   However, the new rules call for an eligible nominee to have served in at least two (2) NBOD positions.

peace, Wayne

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