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Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial

The Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial awards grants on a one-year basis in the range of $1,000 to $7,000 to organizations with annual budgets under $3 million. The Wurts Memorial focuses on programs that directly serve or improve the welfare of disadvantaged children and youth, and the elderly, living within the City of Philadelphia.

The Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial prefers to support programs in which a modest grant can play a significant part, and which have meaningful goals in relation to the total resources committed to them.

The Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial is a charitable foundation, formed as a nonprofit corporation under Pennsylvania law to carry out the wishes of Henrietta Tower Wurts, who died in 1933.

The Philadelphia Foundation provides administrative and management support services for the Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial. The Foundation receives grant applications for this charitable foundation and distributes grants that are approved by the Wurts Memorial’s Board of Directors.

It appears that this is an opportunity for our BDPA Philadelphia chapter. It may also be an opportunity to request Youth Technology Camp registration funding for National BDPA.

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