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Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Education Collaborative

The TAG Education Collaborative, formally the TAG Foundation, was formed by TAG to strengthen Georgia's future workforce by uniting Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) resources with leading education initiatives while emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

TAG seeks to strengthen Georgia's STEM workforce and strengthen the middle and high school resources for delivering STEM education. This is a good fit for our BDPA chapter in Georgia.  TAG would also like to attract more students to STEM disciplines in post secondary education.

TAG has a number of programs including:
  1. WebChallenge - This is a high school program designed to reward students who work in a team environment to develop a product that is capable of making a difference in their community by using their creativity and technical knowledge. Students participating in the 2009 program earned more than $21,000 in college scholarships.
  2. Summer Internship Program - This is a program for rising high school seniors to provide them with an opportunity to apply theory, knowledge, and acquired skills through work experience utilizing equipment, instruments, techniques, and information not available in their classrooms. The participating students receive a $1,000 stipend for a five week internship. These students earned almost $40,000 in stipends during the summer of 2009.
  3. Access to Information & Technology - This is a program designed to provide middle and high schools with the resources needed to deliver STEM programs in a 21st century environment.
  4. Future City Competition - This is a middle school program run by Southern Polytechnic State University. It provides a fun and exciting educational engineering program that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a "hands-on" application to present the student's vision of a city in the future.
I'm hopeful that TAG and BDPA Atlanta chapter can find a way to work together in the coming weeks and months.

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