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Johnson Controls Foundation

The Johnson Controls Foundation makes charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations, primarily in communities where Johnson Controls has a presence . Extra consideration will be given to organizations or institutions in which Johnson Controls employees are involved and are contributing their time or funds.

There is no formal application procedure. The Foundation operates on a calendar year. Proposals, preferably in concise letter form, are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. In order to permit evaluation of proposals, notification of final action may take up to 120 days. Commitments for funds are not made verbally, and personal visits and phone calls to the Foundation are not encouraged.

Requests must be in writing, and should include the following information:
  1. Copy of letter regarding tax exempt status
  2. Description of the structure, purpose, history and programs of the organization with a list of its current officers and governing board members
  3. Summary of the need for support and how it will be used.
  4. Geographic areas served by the organization.
  5. Current income and expense budget information for the organization and a copy of the most recently audited financial statements.
  6. Statement regarding other sources of income from corporations and foundations, community support and involvement.
Send your proposal to:

5757 North Green Bay Avenue
P.O. Box 591
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 524-2296

Is your chapter co-located with Johnson Controls office? If so, this might be a funding opportunity that you should consider in support of your chapter's SITES program. What say u?

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