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American Honda Foundation

National BDPA vice president Paulette Johnson-Davis worked with BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) to submit a $25,000 grant proposal to the American Honda Foundation.

The American Honda Foundation was founded to make grants to worthy national non-profit causes, programs and organizations that directly benefit the people of the United States.

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We rec'd phone call from AHF people today. Out of over 450 grant proposals ... BETF is one of the 10 finalists!

They want to do a site visit before making final decision on 7/27/10. We are trying to work out logistics for them to visit our SITES activity in Rochester, MN. Stay tuned!

Great Job! Keep us posted.

Just got off the phone with Betty Hutchins.   She is the BETF liaison for site visit to Rochester MN being coordinated with American Honda Foundation.   Betty tells me that the dates are solidified ... hotel and airplane reservations have been confirmed.   We are one step closer on the journey for this $25k grant!

My thanx to Betty and the members of the BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter for working with us ... over and above the call of duty ... to make this site visit planning work out.

Stay tuned!

We received informal notice that the $25k grant proposal has been approved.   Very good news!   I'll let you know when we get the official notification.

In the meantime ... thanx again to Betty, Charlie, Kunle and the others from BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter who helped us get this done!

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is proud to acknowledge receipt of the largest single grant award in our 19-year history from the American Honda Foundation (AHF). AHF agreed to provide $25,000 funding to support our national Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program.

Our grant proposal was written in conjunction with the National BDPA Member Services business area. The grant proposal was good enough to earn us a site visit.  The visit was conducted by AHF's Donna Hammond-Cotton.  She traveled to Rochester, Minnesota to see an example of our SITES program. Past chapter president Betty Hutchins organized the visit. Mrs. Hammond-Cotton was able to meet with chapter students, alumni, corporate sponsors and the local school board. Mrs. Hammond-Cotton wrote,

"Your Southern Minnesota chapter really impressed me, they displayed such professionalism, dedication and possibilities for our next generation of leaders."
The contents of our grant proposal along with the evaluation by Mrs. Hammond-Cotton were provided to the AHF Board of Directors in late July. Mrs. Hammond gave us the informal results when she wrote,

"Congratulations! I'm hopeful by now that Betty has informed your organization that the American Honda Foundations' Board of Directors has decided to partner with the BDPA in its efforts of making a difference in the lives of our youth. In fact, the SITES program ranked number one out of the top 15 finalist! Not to mention that there were over 500 other proposals that we had to review for consideration this quarter."
About a week later we received the formal notification from the president of the American Honda Foundation:

Dear Mr. Hicks,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, it is my pleasure to acknowledge to you our check in the amount of $25,000. It is our understanding that thsi grant will be used towards our partnership with the 'SITES: Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship' program.

We are pleased to contribute to the meaningful endeavor that the BDPA (Education and Technology) Foundation is making in the field of education. We wish you continued success.

Gary Kessler, President
American Honda Foundation

BETF is very excited about this successful grant effort. The grant funds will be used for the SITES program. It will assist in supporting the administrative operation of the National BDPA efforts to support its 45 chapters in preparing and bringing students to the National High School Computer Competition held at the national BDPA Technology Conference each year. A portion of the funding will go to BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter to support the exceptional work they are doing with the youth in Minnesota.

BETF will provide quarterly progress reports on the expenditure of these funds. Our quarterly progress report will include a financial summary and a narrative comment on development of the SITES program.

We want to give thanks to National BDPA VP-Member Services Paulette Johnson-Davis , BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter president Charlie Perkins , BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter past president Betty Hutchins and other members of the BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter for their support in processing this grant proposal.

AHF Senior Program Officer Donna Hammond-Cotton made her site visit to Rochester MN last month.  Here is the note she shared with the chapter leadership after her visit:

Here are Donna's kind words in response to her visit with Betty Hutchins and the folks from our BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter!
Hi Betty:

   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making my visit such an informative and educational one.  I sincerely appreciate the effort everyone made to insure that I got all the information I needed to complete the site visit segment of our grant review process.

   I truly enjoyed my visit with you, the Superintendent, the Chancellor, Mr. Perkins, Toni and your other colleagues at the Boot Camp Training whom over the years have been responsible for implementing the SITES Program in Minnesota.  It's always invigorating to talk with such dedicated, creative, and enthusiastic people.  I commend you all on the work you're doing with our youth.

   Speaking of the youth, I'm still in awe over how bright and mature they are.  I just love seeing our young people so driven and motivated, yet still taking the time to laugh, play and enjoy their lives.

   Lastly, I'd like to thank you again, for the delicious breakfast, lunch, the mini tour of the Mayo Clinic and taking me to the airport.  You are such a jewel; I really enjoyed your company.  BDPA is very fortunate to have you as a volunteer and partner/sponsor.  Our communities need more individuals like you.

   The BDPA is such an exciting and deserving organization to partner and invest in.  I pray that my Board feels the same.  I'll be in touch with you after our Board meeting on July 29th.

   Donna Hammond-Cotton
   Senior Program Officer
   American Honda Foundation

I'm very pleased to tell those of you subscribed to the BETF subgroup that we are close to announcing the distribution plan for the $25k American Honda Foundation funds.   The first funds from that grant will be allocated on or about 12/31/2010 to chapters that stepped out on faith in CY-2010 by sending a representative to the annual HSCC meeting held last month in Naples FL  *and*  chapters that awarded scholarship funds to 2010 HSCC students in CY-2010.

Did your chapter do either of those things?

More funds will be given out at the 1Q-2011 NBOD meeting to chapters that provide volunteers in support of SITES programming for elementary or middle school students.

More funds will be given out at the 2Q-2011 NBOD meeting to chapters that provide tangible support to the BDPA IT Corps program.

Finally, we will have at least $7,500 to award to chapters that have produced outstanding results in their SITES programming for high school students.   This funding will be based on number of students trained at Saturday computer camps, relationships with HSCC alumni and so on.

Anyhow, we are finalizing the details ... and the formal announcement should be made shortly.     Y'all get a early heads up because of your support of the BETF subgroup!

peace, Wayne

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) and the National BDPA VP-Member Services are pleased to announce the process by which the American Honda Foundation (AHF) funding will be distributed.

We are excited about this disbursement plan because it will leverage the American Honda Foundation funding to move our Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program forward in a number of ways.
  1. More students engaged in Saturday ‘computer camps’ (or whatever they are called at local level). These Saturday computer camps are the essence of our SITES program … we need to encourage their development and growth.  The successful 'best practice' in our Southern Minnesota chapter needs to be replicated around the nation.
  2. More BDPA chapters / volunteers engaged with elementary and middle school students. SITES is supposed to be K-12, however, we only seem to promote and reward efforts with 8th – 12th graders in the HSCC project. Can we get more energy, engagement and creativity in elementary and middle school programs?
  3. More BDPA engagement with HSCC alumni – This group of students are a wealth of talent and opportunity that BDPA has never really engaged with in the past. Can we get more engaged with HSCC alumni as promoters, volunteers, instructors, mentors, and so forth?
  4. Stronger participation in regional conferences – it seems that regionalization is a part of BDPA’s future. Can we leverage this AHF funding to get chapters to consider hosting or attending regional conferences?
  5. Stronger participation in national conference – Can we leverage this AHF funding to get more participation in YTC, IT Showcase and national HSCC championships in Chicago next year?
  6. Marketing and Documentation of past glories – Can we leverage this AHF funding to get more material about our current programs and our HSCC alumni at the local chapter level?
The other attractive component of this grant disbursement plan is that funds will flow on a quarterly basis culminating at the 2011 annual BDPA Technology Conference in Chicago. The plan requires chapter reporting to be completed on activity between January 1 – June 30, 2011. In addition we hope to give regular (monthly?) updates that will prod, encourage, motivate and cajole local chapter presidents to be more proactive in their SITES preparation and documentation.

Anyhow, this is our game-plan for disbursement of the funds. We should be reporting on the first winners within the next 30 days. Is your chapter giving out 2010 scholarships to 2010 High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumni? Did you chapter send a representative to the annual HSCC coordinators' meeting held last month in Naples?

What say u?

It appears that BDPA had 74 students in STEM-based computer camps on Saturday, January 29.   These 74 students were in Saturday sessions hosted by five BDPA chapters: Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Rhode Island).

I wonder what the metrics will be for Saturday, February 5th?

I'm only aware of one chapter (Los Angeles) submitting their student names (and schools) for attendance at Saturday, Feb 5th high school computer camps. BDPA Los Angeles vaults well into the lead for this portion of the $25k grant disbursement. [NOTE: A copy of the grant metrics is available on request to any BDPA member]

I know that other chapters had camp sessions on 2/5/2011. Deadline is COB Friday, Feb 11 to submit the names (and schools) to AHF-Grant@betf.org

We have rec'd documentation showing that at least 42 students participated in BDPA computer camps on Saturday, Feb 5.    The documentation was turned in by the following BDPA chapters: Baton Rouge, Chicago, Cleveland and Los Angeles.

There is still 1.5 work days remaining for any other BDPA chapter who held a computer camp last Saturday to submit that information to AHF-Grant@betf.org

I'm surprised that we have not heard from a few chapters (Cincinnati and Rhode Island) who each had computer camp sessions on the prior Saturday (1/29/11).

I understand that Indianapolis chapter (who had their opening computer camp session on 1/29/11) ended up having to cancel their 2/5/11 session because of weather.

Anyhow, this is a unique opportunity to earn part of the $25,000 American Honda Foundation grant for the "high school programs" section of the disbursement.   I hope that your chapter is not missing out on this funding bonanza!





Edited Thu, Feb 10, 2011 12:40 PM


We have only had one chapter (Twin Cities) submit their Saturday computer camp attendance list to AHF-Grant@betf.org for activity on Saturday, February 26.      Please consider this a friendly reminder...

The submission by BDPA Twin Cities chapter puts them in 1st place in the "high school programs' section of the $25,000 American Honda Foundation grant disbursement metrics.   Unless your chapter is flush with cash ... I would be surprised if you were not taking full advantage of this funding opportunity.     We have already given out cash to about a dozen chapters.    There are 24 chapters current competing in the 'high school programs' section.    I'm not sure what's up with the other 21 chapters ... and frankly I'm surprised at the low participation by powerhouse chapters like Southern Minnesota.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on the $25k AHF grant disbursement process now that we are 2 months into it this calendar year?

peace, Wayne

Here are some updates that we can share for the American Honda Foundation grant disbursement:

1. Annual HSCC Coordinators' Meeting (Naples FL) - 10 chapters earned $240 each for stepping out on faith to attend this meeting. Those 10 chapters are: Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Southern Minnesota, Twin Cities and Washington DC.

2. College Scholarships for 2010 HSCC Alumni - 4 chapters earned up to $500 each for providing scholarships to members of the 2010 HSCC team that competed in Philadelphia last year. Those 4 chapters are: Los Angeles, New York, Richmond and Twin Cities.

3. Elementary or Middle School Programs (Deadline: 3/31/11) - 4 chapters earned up to $250 each for being part of the pilot TECHie Camp program for elementary (3rd thru 5th graders) and middle school (6th thru 8th graders) students.  Those 4 chapters are: Cincinnati, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

4. Global Program Support (Deadline: 4/30/11) - There is $2,500 available for disbursement in this category. There were zero chapters with submissions in this category.

5. High School Programs (Deadline: 6/30/11) - There is at least $12,250 available for disbursement in this category. That number may increase over the next 60 days. Currently, there are 30 chapters with points towards funding in this category. Those 24 chapters are: Atlanta (117), At-Large (4), Baltimore (4), Baton Rouge (25), Boston (5), Charlotte (99), Chattanooga (2), Chicago (50), Cincinnati (127), Cleveland (44), Columbus (56), Dallas (11), Detroit (38), Gr Columbia (84), Gr Tampa Bay (2), Hartford (11), Indianapolis (50), Los Angeles (137), Memphis (2), Middle Tennessee (5),  New Jersey (7), New York (80), Northern Delaware (1), Philadelphia (50), Rhode Island (41), Richmond (10), So Minnesota (259), St. Louis (25), Triangle (5), Twin Cities (136) and Washington DC (49)

Please reach out to us if you have questions. There is funding that can be obtained by any of our 45 chapters if they simply take a moment to review the process and submit their information to AHF-Grant@betf.org

What are your thoughts on what you're read so far?

We have tallied all of the numbers.   We have received remarkable support and input from National BDPA VP-Member Services Paulette Johnson-Davis, National HSCC coordinator Danna Sturdivant and 30 of our 45 local chapters.    BETF had already given out $12,750 of the funds earlier in the year for local chapters and national BDPA.

The remaining $12,250 of the grant was reserved for those chapters who did the most towards the high school portion of our SITES program.    There were 30 chapters who scored points in that section of the process.   

We are recommending funding for 24 of those 30 chapters.    The top recipients of the high school portion of this funding will go to the following chapters:

  1. Southern Minnesota (489 points)
  2. Greater Columbia (280 points)
  3. Los Angeles (235 points)
  4. Twin Cities (228 points)
  5. Atlanta (196 points)
  6. Cincinnati (193 points)
  7. Charlotte (176 points)

These are the chapters that had the most impact on high school students as part of their SITES programming thru things like Saturday computer camps, regional HSCC championship participation, HSCC testimonials, HSCC Alumni remaining engaged as financially current members or volunteers and early registration for the 2011 National BDPA Technology Conference (HSCC, IT Showcase or YTC).

We are awaiting final approval of the funding recommendations by the National BDPA VP-Member Services.   Once we have that approval we can announce the specific dollar amounts.

Feel free to reply to this message if you have questions or wish to discuss further.

AHF funding ($12,250) to support high school programs allocated as follows -- Atlanta (805), Baltimore (175), Baton Rouge (230), Charlotte (725), Chicago (225), Cincinnati (800), Cleveland (200), Columbus (300), Dallas (250), Detroit (310), Gr Columbia (1155), Indianapolis (430), Los Angeles (975), Middle Tennessee (225), New Jersey (350), New York (205), Philadelphia (400), Rhode Island (175), So. Minnesota (2010), St. Louis (350), Triangle (400), Twin Cities (950) and Wash DC (305).

There were ten (10) different ways for chapters to earn points (and funding!) for support the high school programs section of this grant disbursemen
t. We are very proud of the 23 chapters who took the time to document their high school programs activity and submit in a timely manner to AHF-Grant@betf.org. We kept the tally of points from Jan-Jun 2011 ... and the final decision was approved on 7/31/2011. These funds are being moved to the restricted chapter fund that BETF maintains for each of these 23 chapters. We hope that the funding will help to reimburse them for some of their expenses associated with the SITES program this year.

In additional $250 has been allocated to BDPA Cleveland chapter for its support of international programs (i.e., BDPA IT Corps)!

Do you have the logo for the American Honda Foundation?  Please consider using it on your chapter website, blog or other communication vehicles to give appropriate credit to AHF for its funding support of your chapter's activity.

You can find the detailed spreadsheets on everything related to the American Honda Foundation grant on the BDPA Groupsite file cabinet ... or you can reply to this email with any questions.

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