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ADM Foundation

ADM Foundation provides support in several forms, from direct contributions and grants, to matching gifts, to employee volunteerism. ADM contributed nearly $10 million on an annual basis to various civic and charitable causes in their operating communities worldwide, including groups working to eradicate hunger and improve education . They also worked to cultivate the next generation of farmers through National FFA Organization scholarships and their sponsorship of farm-safety programs for children.

At the local level, ADM Foundation continues to support educational initiatives for children and young adults and other programs that build vibrant communities. ADM employees, meanwhile, will direct a substantial portion of their social investment and volunteer activity through their Colleague Giving Council, which will also coordinate their in-kind food donations and community volunteer program.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation ( BETF ) is willing to partner with any local chapter interested in submitting a grant proposal to ADM . Check out their website and determine if there are ADM operations in your geographic area, as it appears that is an important part of their criteria.

BETF operates on a first-come; first-served basis ... so don't procrastinate!

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