CCNA Online Study Group Kick Off Meeting

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6:30pm - 7:45pm EST Tuesday, February 24 2009
This is a Conference Call
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Submitted by:
Jacqueline on Feb 23, 2009

Objective:  To  outline the format for the online CISCO CCNA Study Group.  At
the conclusion    participants   can determine   whether   they   want
to participate and commitment to the group.

Meeting Agenda:
  * Introductions  (Name, Years of Experience, Current Position/Title,
  * Contact Information
  * Introduction of Guru
  * Set Up, Software and Connectivity (Video, Webinar, Conference Bridge
  * Review the Certification Process
  * Review List of Topics
  * Discuss Dates and Times
  * Discuss overflow weeks
  * Submitted Commitment Letters & Fees

This   study   group   is   sponsored   by  Atlanta  Chapter  of  BDPA
(  This  program  is being administered by SA2
Consulting Group ( on behalf of Atlanta BDPA. BDPA
membership is not required to participate.

Certification Support is available    through    Certification    Gurus    Discussion   Groups:

To participate in the kick off meeting or to find out more information about the online study groups, complete the Study Group survey and then receive the conference bridge number for the scheduled kick off meeting. 




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