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This is an interesting topic, but has a plan been developed? If so, who has seen it? I know the campaign brilliantly utilize technology.


President-elect Obama's Technoloy Plan can be found at the following website:



Thanks Ricardo,


I saw a summary of it in the BDPAtoday online newsletter. It looks great!  I will check out the website you reference as well. Thanks for responding to my post. Laughing


You're welcome Rod,

Glad to see that I was able to assist you.

Enjoy your day,


I am very excited about his committment to Health Informtion Technology deployment, and now that President Elect Obama is dedicating resources to bring hospitals and clinics online, it is going to open up more opportunities for HIT professionals.

Hello all,


On the CTO topic:  I would suggest that President Obama recruit Bill Gates or Steve Job for that position.   Those two men were on the forefront of brining computers in schools and our homes.   I believe with what Bill Gates is trying to accomplish with his and wife's foundation that if he was the CTO that would be a great blend of goverment in technology.  

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Hello Monique,

I've worked in IT for about 15 years.  I'm just learing about HIT, could you explain what's involved in being a HIT professional?


Hi Darryell,

Healthcare Information Technology is a blend of business and clinical information processes with the use of technology.  It's a very dynamic, very fast growing and lucrative industry.  I've been working in this field for almost 10 years implementing electronic health record systems for ambulatory healthcare facilities and hospitals across the country in the private sector.  I have seen the technology systems become more and more integrated and sophisticated over the years, but what I haven't seen is diversity growing with it.  It's been exciting for me, but I don't understand why more minorities aren't aware of the opportunities that exist within the industry.  I'm definitely an enigma when it comes to the work that I do, and I know that this is going to change with President Elect Barack Obama's Presidency and leadership overall.  The fact that he is investing $10 Billion dollars each year for 5 years to bring more healthcare facilities online speaks volumes.  I'd say that people ought to be getting ready for this explosion.

We shared video clip of the Obama Technology Plan as enunciated during the campaign.    Click here to see the plan from Obama himself.


peace, Wayne

The On It Foundation's - [Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology] is a National 501(c )(3) public non-profit organization whose Mission is dedicated to providing free computers along with computer training to low-income families with students in grades K-12 that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public school and reside within the United States of America. 

The On It Foundation is interested in working with BDPA on the following Technology Initiatives for the upcoming productive year in 2009:

The On It Foundation National Goals for 2009:

  • To grow existing Local and National partnerships; continue with capacity building and collaborative efforts while nurturing new alliances with businesses and local organizations that share the On It Foundation's vision and can contribute to its success.
  • Expand partnerships with Companies to provide 3-D Animation/Multi-Media, Film/Radio and Software Development Advanced Computer Training Courses
  • Increase placement of computers and broadband technology within low-income multi-housing  developments and provide on-site computer training programs for acquiring advanced job skills 
  • Increase Youth Empowerment Programs
  • Increase Workforce Development Programs
  • Increase Student/Parent Computer Training Programs
  • Increase Business and Economic Development Program
  • Expand Fundraising Strategies to include the Federal Level

Ms. Calvetta Phair - President

The On It Foundation

18520 NW 67th Avenue, Suite 186

Miami, FL  33015

305.945.5889 - Office

866.941.ONIT - Toll Free





Hi Monique I believe that you are argueing facts not in evidence with the statement "The fact that he is investing $10 Billion dollars each year for 5 years to bring more healthcare facilities online speaks volumes.  I'd say that people ought to be getting ready for this explosion." My understanding is that this is his plan not fact. With the drama going on with the economy, it may cause changes in his plan. However, the idea of getting ready for the technology is great! The fact that you have being doing this for 10 years is even better. Hopefully more minorities will get involved with this technology.Smile

Very good Ricardo. thank you very much for the link.

Hey this is right on time. You are right about the slow pickup on the part of AA's to know about and do anything with the enormous health care information technology resources. The HIPAA part of the HIT information system is what I'm a bit more familiar with. 

My concern is that the health industry, like most other industries blindly adopt the proprietary software developers because they have more funds to market and create financial cash cows for a few instead of the Free Open Source Software (FOSS)  Communities of the world like Debian that provide far greater access and abilities to be inclusively shared over the long hall for the ever changing needs and health requirements of individuals.

I see the other problem being that the health care providers have been slow to actually develop patient interfaces although, I know first hand that Kaiser is doing more via e-mail and the website for notifications. Others could be doing it as well.

I'm in Los Angeles working mostly in k-20 education based learning management systems dotlrn and moodle and while I was heavily involved with BDPA in the 90's I have declined to do much since I've strongly  embrassed and nearly exclusively adopted the FOSS communities as my own (which most BDPA people do not want to talk about.)   I urge the BDPA to adopt a more inclusive software training, competitiion and educational program that includes FOSS. Java which I think the BDPA knows they need to migrate to, works very well on Linux and is way cheeper, to deploy and use and is more up to date than what you are using now. Partially, the economics of access says it's the more appropriate choice. At this point we need to do both.

One thing is true, even though many refuse to believe it...the Internet was developed by the free open source community and people like the president elect states in his technology plan that we need to protect it.

Hi Rod,

I hear what you're saying.  I know that the timeframe for his plan could change, but even if it does it will only be postponed for what's inevitably going to be pushed through.  I can confidently say that based on the current and future trends in HIT, there will be a HIT explosion, and not just for technology's sake.  The whole purpose for HIT stems around patient safety and reducing medical errors and therefore save up to 195,000 lives per year or more to save people from dying from somthing that could have been prevented.  I'm not so sure if it will be a quiet explosion or one that is obvious since the trend is already underway, but I do know that besides any particular government mandates, healthcare organizations are either in the planning process to implement an EHR or have already purchased one (with the exception of maybe some the smaller physician shops and they're even in the market) because of the substantial ROI benefits.  Legislation has just recently been passed this July 15th, 2008 pertaining to Medicare improvements for patients and providers.  It provides incentives for electronic prescribers who implement some sort of electronic prescribing component to their practice by the year 2011.  If they don't comply, they will incur a financial penalty after 2012. 

The truth is, whether or not President Elect Obama has the resources to invest the 10 billion per year or not, the healthcare industry has to comply with federal legislation standards by transitioning from paper to electronic systems.  Many of them love the technology and are experiencing the benefits of centralizing and simplifying their access to patient information.  They are already spending their own private dollars to implement EHR and EMR, and interoperability (RHIO) Systems.

There is going to be an even higher demand for HIT Project Managers, Technical Analysts, Implementation Consultants, etc. than there is now.  I just want us to be prepared to be a part of the transition.  

So here's a question for those who've been following this topic...  What can we do to promote knowledge of HIT and prepare IT Professionals to be able to transition into this line of work if they are interested?   

Edited Sun, Nov 9, 2008 12:42 PM

We can connect at community conferences and online to share what we know, broaden our connections to others and develop strategies for greater outreach to our communities.

I will be presenting this week at the annual community technology centers network conference being held in LA. and then....

The following conference is one conference that I will attend and most likely make a presentation and or have a booth. I welcome others to join me there or support my efforts by collaborating with me in some form or fashion.

The upcoming 7th Annual So Cal Linux Expo will be expanded over last year's expo. 
Two additional tracks have been added to the weekend conference: a beginner's track
has been added for the many newcomers to Open Source Software, and for the
programmers among us, a developers track has also been added.

Additionally SCALE will be reprising both WIOS, the Women In Open Source conference,
and OSSIE, the Open Source Software In Education conference. The healthcare
conference, DOHCS, Demonstrating OpenSource Healthcare Solutions has been spun off
on its own. However, it will still be held in conjunction with SCALE, at SCALE. All
three miniconferences will be held February 20th, 2009.

If you're considering speaking at SCALE, don't delay; The Call For Papers closes
11/30 for the main conference, and December 31st for WIOS and OSSIE.

The Calls for Papers for SCALE, WIOS and OSSIE can be found at The DOHCS CFP is at SCALE
needs YOU to speak! Please consider submitting a proposal for a presentation.

SCALE is the premier Open Source Software conference in the Southwestern United
States. Mark your calendars: SCALE 7x is February 20-22, 2009!

Kennethk (is that last K part of your first name?  or your middle initial?),

Please consider adding these various events and CFP deadlines to the BDPA CollectiveX Calendar so that the full subscriber list can see them and plan accordingly.  Doable?

peace,  Wayne


Thank you so much Kenneth.  I will visit the dohcs website and follow up to see if speaking at Scale is feasible for me in February, 2009.  I appreciate the feedback that I've received from you, you've been very helpful. 




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