The incoming president for the BDPA Philadelphia chapter is amongst us. Monique Berry is the sister charged with continuing the Chapter of the Year reign of our BDPA chapter in Philadelphia, PA.

BDPA Philadelphia chapter was founded in April 1976. The chapter is currently the 7th largest in the nation with 95 financially current members.

I encourage BDPA Philadelphia chapter members, leaders and supporters to take advantage of this topic to talk with one another. What is your vision for the chapter in Philadelphia over the next year? Care to share?

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Philly Love to You All,

We have big plans for Philadelphia in 2008. We have a strong group of individuals on our Executive Board that plan to do everything we did this year only better.

Adrienne Anderson-Ferrell has joined our board coordinating our education outreach efforts. Adrienne has hit the ground running with our Family Computer Night program.

Curtis Jenkins our immediate past president is working to establish a Corporate Advisory Committee for Philadelphia.

We will also focus on increasing our college student membership base.

Last but not least we will try to partner with our neighboring chapters for an event or two.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear from you!


Congratulations and good luck on your election to office. I grew up in Philly and since the big city offers so much for so many, you’re going to need something that’s going to draw that college student base to BDPA. I would attempt to offer scholarship opportunity, reduced dues, assistance in finding internships, and keeping the meetings lively and interesting.

I miss the city so much, I had a chance to visit my Mom in early December and get a cheese steak, but I regress.

God Bless


Curtis Jenkins served as president of BDPA Philadelphia chapter in 2006-2007. He shared his farewell message on 12/31/2007. We are posting it here for posterity. Enjoy these words of information and inspiration from Bro. Jenkins:

We did it!

We have culminated another successful year as a Chapter - My thanks to you! I hope that this year has been a great one for you and your families. This is my final message as President of the organization, but not my final involvement as I now have the honor as Immediate Past President. In this role I can continue to contribute to the overarching theme of the organization "From the Classroom to the Boardroom." As we come to a close on the year and to my term in office, I want to take the time to say how much I appreciated the opportunity to serve as your President. I learned a great deal on how to lead by serving. Once again, thanks for your vote of confidence.

I am excited about Monique Berry becoming your new President and the team that she has working with her including the new officers: Hayward West as President-Elect and Cedric Edwards as Treasurer.

I would like to reflect on a few major accomplishments during my two-year term.
  • Introduced an Annual Awards banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of all who directly contribute to the goals and mission of the Philadelphia Chapter
  • Increased our sponsorship by greater than 100% of direct dollars to support our programs
  • Won Chapter of the Year for the year 2006
  • Won the membership category of Chapter of the Year for 2006
  • Fielded an HSCC team to both the Los Angeles and Washington DC BDPA conferences
  • Paid $11,000 in scholarships
  • Instituted a yearly Membership Appreciation Event
  • Instituted a yearly Corporate Roundtable to provide members direct access to hiring authorities at sponsoring companies
  • Partnered with Wireless Philadelphia and Rohm and Haas to donate 95 computers to local Philadelphia residents
  • Highly successful Programs including hosting the Black Family Technology Awareness Week
  • Trained & certified 8 members with an International Computers Drivers License
  • Provided direct assistance and leadership to chartering of the Northern Delaware chapter
  • Represented BDPA by speaking at a number of community events including the opening of BFTAW (2006), Technology Symposium - Robotics Fair (2007), High School for Engineering and Science (2007)
  • Added six (6) new members (John Dawson, Eileen Gadsden, Jamilah Brown, Hayward West, Byron Mayes and Cedric Edwards) to the Executive Board who served more than 1 year or took an elected position

This success could not be achieved without the help of key people and organizations. I want to personally thank:
  • Rohm and Haas: my employer, for your support
  • Merck and Co, Inc, CIGNA, SAP, Temple University, Mount Airy Community Computer Center, Computers for Schools, JP Morgan Chase and Deloitte for the sponsorship and support
  • The BDPA Philadelphia Executive Board - past and present including but not limited to: Monique Berry, Duane Howard, Sheila Black, Jamilah Brown, John Dawson, Hayward West, Byron Mayes and Eileen Gadsden. You have all served as both mentors and supporters to me during this period and I really appreciate you.
  • Special Thanks to Norman Fleming who served as a Philadelphia board member, provided mentorship on the protocols of leadership and governance, and the opportunity to serve as campaign manager for his National Election effort
  • The National Executive Committee and members of the National Board of Directors
  • Special Thanks to Yvette Graham and the Chicago chapter for coaching and sharing their successful blueprint for developing and maintaining a successful chapter.
  • Also special thanks to Will Brown and Paulette Johnson-Davis of the Cleveland and Greater Columbia chapters respectively for their friendship and support
  • Thanks to those chapters who have supported our events and who have invited me to attend their events. I found a friend in every chapter over these years and look forward to spending time with as many chapters as I can
  • Special thanks to Wayne Hicks who inspired me to leadership after seeing him open up the 2003 BDPA Conference in Philadelphia. His energy is unmatched and he continues to be a consistent mentor and champion of chapter success
  • Thanks to the BDPA founder, Earl Pace, who had the vision to create the organization and the stamina to sustain it
  • Thanks to the students who also inspired me to leadership when I saw their faces after they received their scholarship awards for participating in the High School Computer Competition Program
  • Thanks to Gina Billings for the wisdom and friendship. Your words go a long way and have resonated through my chapter during your visit to our annual awards banquets
  • Thanks to my friends and family some who have joined the organization just to support me in reaching the goals of the chapter
  • Thanks to the members of PhillyPact (NSBE, NSN, NABA, NAAAP, NBMBA, NSHMBA, SHPE and the new organizations that recently joined the organization) for sharing your ideas and best practices for running non-profit, volunteer organizations. Thanks also for collaborating on social and professional events as we worked together to build our respective memberships
  • Finally, thanks to the members who stepped up to the plate to run programs that support the goals of the chapter - most notably, Karen Scott who was awarded that distinction.
The future of BDPA Philadelphia is abundant with energy as the new administration is planning an exciting menu of programs and services in an effort to take the organization to new heights. Our 2010 Vision which started in 2007 is "Partnering for Continued Growth". This supports the overall "Classroom to the Boardroom" and the "It's all about Membership" theme.
One final goal for me is to build a chapter Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) which is already in progress. I did not list this as an accomplishment as it is being finalized. Members of the CAC and details of this group will be announced at the January Program meeting.
Curtis Jenkins, 2006-2007 president
BDPA Philadelphia Chapter

I encourage all of you that know Curtis Jenkins to take a moment to share some BDPA-Love with him right now! What say u?


You are an outstanding leader and mentor!  Your drive for excellence has raised the bar.  Congratulations on a job well done.   Thanks for being my friend, my brother, & for your advice.  

Love, Teresa



Thanks so much.  I will always have love for you, your team and all of Atlanta.  I am excited that the conference is in the ATL this year.  Your are my friend and I will miss the time we spent groing and learning together as Presidents of BDPA.


BDPA Foundation blog added a new post today entitled, BDPA Legacy: Curtis Jenkins.

BDPA Philadelphia chapter will train up to 25 high school students in their 2008 Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program. The SITES program in Philadelphia is divided into three components: Computer Camp, Youth Technology Seminar Series, and High School Computer Competition.

BDPA provides a positive beacon of hope for our youth and high school students as they are introduced to various aspects of Information Technology, including advanced research on IT topics, web application development (Basic HTML, FrontPage, SQL, PHP), web application programming, logic and advanced computer concepts.

The 25 young people selected will participate in weekly programs that begin on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at the downtown office of Deloitte located at 1701 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa. All sessions begin at 10 AM and will end no later than 2 PM. Participants should meet Hayward West in 1st floor lobby at 10 AM.

All interested students should sign up for the program right away. Contact Hayward West if you are interested in volunteering as an instructor or assistant.

Hello BDPA Philadelphia Members,

                     This is Al Smith (A.J. Fiber) BDPA Detroit Chapter and I am currently in Philadelphia on business with my company. I wanted to visit the organization and say hello! I will be leaving back to Detroit on Wednesday evening. I could not find the local address other than responding in the contact us portion of the Philadelphia chapters website. My number is (31) 303-4438. I will be in meetings at the 1500 Spring Gardens building today, however would like to take some time out to visit the BDPA Philadelphia chapter. Thanks and God Bless!

                                                                Al Smith

Monique Berry leads the defending BDPA Chapter of the Year. She shared the following message with her chapter members, supporters and sponsors. We thought you would find her message of interest:
As a child my grandmother often said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" when I needed to be reminded that the potential benefits in a new opportunity mitigates the risk of stepping out to meet any challenge. Now, after a few months' as chapter president, our chapter is entered this new year with a mostly-new slate of officers:

We're "stepping out" to meet the challenge of BDPA leadership, and we invite you to step out too. We're hoping that you may be feeling energized to try something new this year. We have anticipated that energy, and have provided some opportunities for you.

Step out to an enlightening April 16th chapter meeting. Our Vice President of Strategy has invited Camari Ellis of First Genesis Financial Group, to tell us about wealth management. I hope that every member will take this opportunity to step out from their 401K comfort zone to see what's perhaps unknown -- but promising about planning for the future.

Or, perhaps you can step way out -- to Atlanta, for an informative, interesting and memorable National BDPA Technology Conference on August 6-9. Speak with any chapter member (or any one of your executive board members) who has attended a past BDPA conference ... I believe each would be able to explain why the venture was worthwhile.

Step UP to your potential -- see what your BDPA chapter can bring out in you! Besides being a friendly, supportive group, we can help you to develop-and to demonstrate- leadership skills. You don't have to over-commit...just try out something, like sharing your observations and responses to a speaker's presentation or to a new technical book or whitepaper. Write these in a short article and get published in our newsletter (and build your professional portfolio). Help plan a chapter program-locate a speaker, or introduce that speaker, or write an official chapter letter of thanks afterwards!

If you'd like to work on your public relations skills, or give a short presentation on a topic of interest to our profession, great! We'd like to develop our Public Relations this year, so we need some committee members. And we'd like to introduce a new segment to our meetings entitled "spotlight speaker," where we'd enhance each meeting with members who would show us samples of their work and tell us about their companies and their jobs.

Does any of this sound promising to you? There may be some risk attached with any one of these opportunities, but I sincerely hope that you will take that risk and gain from it. We are only an email away!

Thank you for all of your support.

Monique F. Berry, President
BDPA Philadelphia
Vision: Partnering for Continued Growth!

What do you think about BDPA Philadelphia chapter president's message this month? Does your chapter president publish monthly updates such as this one?
We are actively reaching out to over 1,000 HSCC alumni from around the nation. We want to ensure that they are still engaged with BDPA. And we love it when they share their stories!

Our latest HSCC testimonial comes from a young man who represented BDPA Philadelphia chapter in the national competition held in Los Angeles (2006) and Washington DC (2007).

Please enjoy his testimonial:

"Hello my name is Marcellus A. Sims and I attend Bodine High School for International Affairs. I have been with BDPA Philadelphia chapter since 2003 and have benefited from them greatly.

BDPA has really given me guidance in what I attend on majoring in while in college, which will be computer science. Without BDPA showing me all the great thing that are out there for computer science graduates I probably would have went in a different directions. The guidance that people showed me in BDPA have made me look at things in a different way then looking at the normal Doctor or lawyer career.

The HSCC program has really given me an opportunity to succeed in life and to do bigger and better things in life. The people in BDPA want us as participants, not to just learn programming but to learn life skills and a passion for the computer industry. BDPA teach us to look at things out of the norm, so that we can stand out of the crowd. This way allows us show people our talents and that we just don’t follow the crowd. BDPA also gives life skills that we will us later in life.

Technology is taking over the world and being used in everyday life and BDPA teaches us everything we need to so when we enter college and eventually our careers, we will already be prepared. Without this program, I would not be the same young man writing you. This program has given me a lot and I plan on giving back to them when I get a chance."

Why not make a pledge to support increased scholarships for young people like Marcellus?

BDPA Philadelphia chapter seeks information from its membership. 

To help BDPA Philadelphia appreciate the needs their members, please complete the survey in our Membership database by May 31, 2008. Your membership must be current to access the survey. Completing this survey should take less than five minutes. Thank you for your participation in our survey.

Philadelphia chapter survey ->

The BDPA Foundation approved $ 568 grant funding to BDPA Philadelphia chapter. The funds will be used to assist procurement of lodging for chapter HSCC students and chaperones during the national competition in Atlanta, GA in August 5-10, 2008.

BETF provided partial funding. The initial request from the chapter was for $3,375. The chapter will look towards its 'virtual cash account', corporate sales and coupon book fundraiser to make up the difference.

Please consider making tax-deductible donation to the BDPA Foundation so that we might continue to fund these programs in the future. We need the funds in order to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the 'classroom to the boardroom'. What are you waiting for? Please make a small donation right now!
BDPA Philadelphia is back-to-back defending Chapter of the Year. Perhaps it is time for the other 49 chapters to begin to recognize some of the best practices from Philadelphia chapter. For example, the chapter president, Monique Berry, communicates on a monthly basis with her stakeholders. Here is the message she shared with them for September 2008:

Why is it that after years as professionals many of us still don't understand that landing a new job is not an end result, but part of a larger career management process? A job search is not a binary transactional process; it's not a matter of "mission accomplished" and you now have the perfect job. Career success is a process and not an event, and I have yet to run into a job genie!

Most often people are surprised when they find out that there is no magic bullet; no job genie who gives them 3 wishes or delivers 50 perfect jobs every week to their e-mail box. There aren't 50 perfect jobs for every candidate, especially if you haven't done your homework. You have to know what the perfect job looks like for you! Most job seekers use a pinball strategy, bouncing from target to target until they score an offer. You can't rely on external forces to deliver when career management is really an internal process.

I read an article last week which discussed the need for career insurance. Unfortunately, I haven't run into anyone selling career insurance. And much like flood insurance; no one wants to worry about it until they need it. And when you hit a career road block, you get downsized, right sized, smart sized, or bored with your current job, then you pay attention to your career, and look for a quick fix to find a new position. It doesn't work that way! Your career insurance is to keep networking, keep talking to people about new opportunities, and continue to help others looking for career advancement.

Taking ownership of your career is like the deductable portion of you career insurance, You should start by looking inside yourself , do some serious soul-searching to understand your strengths and weaknesses, where you tend to succeed and fail, and how you can improve those skills that matter. Once you have a firm understanding of what motivates you and how you can succeed, you can take that knowledge and start building your career strategy.

Targeting companies to hire you is a similar process. Identify companies that you would like to work for, that can use your talents, and that will offer challenges and help you grow, save the list. Begin to cultivate your contacts within those companies, even if you aren't actively looking for a job. You should continue to make career contacts, just as you would continue to work with a client or customer. Those relationships will pay off over time as you create new career opportunities for yourself.

No one is going to hand you the perfect job, no matter how skilled you are. You are the one who needs to take charge of your career. So make sure that every move is part of a larger game plan, and stay in the game by staying connected with those who can help you along the way.

During our
next program meeting , September 17th; Karen Hueller with demonstrate how to include LinkedIn in your game plan.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Monique F. Berry , President
BDPA Philadelphia
Vision: Partnering for Continued Growth!

Is your chapter president sending out similiar messages?


BDPA Philadelphia chapter seeks speaker to discuss five (5) topics in upcoming program meetings:

    1. Wireless Technologies

    2. Green IT: Opportunity or Lost Cause?

    3. Computer Crimes: Your Vulnerability

    4. Consumer Tech for the Holidays

    5. Technology Trends 2009

Do you have any thoughts on who the chapter can reach out to for any of these presentation topics? It would need to be someone in the metro Philadelphia area. What say u?


Wayne Hicks

Past President, Nat'l BDPA * (513) 284-4968

LinkedIn BDPA Group -->

BDPA has free memberships for any Computer Science students at Drexel University, LaSalle University, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia University or Lincoln University.

Do you know of any college students from any of these 6 campuses that might benefit from the mentoring and networking available to BDPA college student members?

If so, please have them contact me via email --

We have 25 complimentary memberships for each campus.   They will be used on a first-come; first-served basis.   Our hope is to fill all of the slots by time Black Family Technology Awareness Week rolls around next month.

What say u?

BDPA Philadelphia chapter was recently honored during a ceremony at City Hall. The Mayor's Commission on Technology recognized BDPA with a proclamation from the City of Philadelphia for contributions in planning the 10th Anniversary of Black Family Technology Awareness Week (BFTAW).

Hayward West, the chapter’s president-elect accepted the award on behalf of the chapter. BDPA Philadelphia chapter is committed to shaping the lives of future generations by demonstrating the importance of careers in math, science, engineering and technology fields.
"We are very pleased to join with the City of Philadelphia in its efforts to cultivate the next generation of inventors, scientists and engineers.” said Monique Berry, President of BDPA Philadelphia. “Our goal is to get minority youth interested in technology by showing them how challenging, fun and exciting the field of IT can be."
BDPA events during 2009 BFTAW included local school visits, family technology night and The Legacy event at the African American Cultural Center.

I'm getting some contradictory dates.   Here is my current roster of BDPA Philadelphia chapter presidents -

2010-2011 Hayward West
2008-2009 Monique Berry
2006-2007 Curtis Jenkins
2004-2005 Donald Campbell
2002-2003 Beverly Chandran
2000-2001 James Leggett
1998-1999 Ron Cureton
1996-1997 Frank Bright
1995-1996 Victor Brooks
1993-1994 Priscilla Wynn-Brown
1991-1992 Howard James
 ??? Clark Mitchell
??? Michael Trent
??? Michelle Walls
??? Debbie Watson
1981 Roy Barnes
1980 Alan Ware
1978-1979 Roy Barnes
1976-1977 Ralph Gordon
1975 Earl Pace

Can you add or correct anything that you see in this list.  Feel free to reach me via    if that is easier than replying here in CollectiveX.

I have a Village Interview series on my other blog. I thought it would be nice to interview BDPA bloggers around the nation for this blog.

We are pleased to present the first BDPA Blogger Interview with Byron Mayes, an active BDPA blogger in the afrosphere. His blog is simply titled, BDPA Philadelphia Blog.

Byron Mayes is the VP-Professional Development in the BDPA Philadelphia chapter. Here is some little-known biographical information on this brother:

Louisiana-born composer Byron Christopher Mayes began his formal music training at the age of 10 on a ukelele given to him by his favorite aunt and culminated that training with studies in trombone and composition at Indiana University and the University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music. Along the way he studied piano and mandolin, sang in church youth choir, did time in high school and college marching bands, played euphonium on the National Ellipse at TubaChristmas, performed professionally in orchestras and big bands, froze his arse caroling outdoors in period garb, and listened actively to music in all genres.

I hope you enjoy the following Q&A session with Byron: Q1. What were you like when you were younger?
Exactly as I am now. Cerebral and a bit stand-offish. Very open to those allowed to get close however (that was difficult for most to do).
Q2. Name a famous historical figure, living or deceased, you would like to meet and tell us why.
So many, I'll pick one each.
  • Living - President Barack Obama, of course. He's my age and race, and has reached a level of accomplishment that many of my peers couldn't have imagined when we were younger.
  • Deceased - Salvador Dalí. I'm an artist at heart and he was the epitome of an artistic genius.

Both men were their own men and inspiring in thier own ways.

Q3. Name a person in your community who is relatively unknown to the rest of the world, who you believe is significant in some way, and that you would like the rest of the world to know more about.
Kyle Bady, one of my former student assistants here at Temple University. He's currently a first year law student at Northwestern in Chicago. While here he maintained a 4.0 and still had charisma and personality unlike the average nerd (my pet name for him was "nerd boy"). Look out for him. He will change the world.
Q4. What are two items in your 'bucket list' ... things you want to do or accomplish before you kick the bucket?
Have a major concert of my musical works . Find my 'other.'
Q5. Describe your first experience on the Internet?
I was on the Internet in the early 1990s and learning it was part of my job responsibilities. Thus, my first Internet experiences were through the text-based protocols of gopher and FTP.
Q6. Tell us about your current blogging career and how you got into it.
I volunteer blog for the BDPA Philadelphia chapter , updating the news blog with items of interest to the membership weekly. I chose to do this as part of my responsibilities as VP for Professional Development.
Q7. Who are the two bloggers you read the most and why? Include their links and tell us why we should subscribe to their feeds.
Ars Technica - Because it's current and "hip" without lapsing into snarkiness. Full coverage of Apple, Open Source, Government, and all that's important to IT today. White House - Because as a citizen of the US and an unabashed fan of our President and the new transparency surrounding the administration, I feel that I should be in the know.
Q8. Where are you taking your blog over the next 2-3 years?
Hope to maintain its level of useful information. Will also add information about the chapter's events .
Q9. What is your 'killer post' over the past year ... the post you are most proud of?
Most posts are not original, they simply refer the readers to other articles of importance. That said, I like that I got the ' Change has come to ' up within the hour after the Inauguration.
Q10. What is your 'biggest noise post' over the past year ... the one that you took the most heat over from your readers?

None so far.
BDPAers, it is important that we use our various networks to get to know one another. I never would have learned about Byron's musical talents without this Q&A session. How many other BDPA colleagues do we only know on the surface?

Please share your thoughts on this blogger interview!
BDPA Philadelphia is the 2nd largest chapter in the nation. Here is the message sent by chapter president Monique Berry to her stakeholders this month.
As I sat down to write this newsletter, the blank computer screen kept staring back at me. It wasn't a very friendly look either!! No thoughts were coming easily. My attention kept drifting to the window outside. I could see my neighbors in their yard planting flowers, cutting grass, pruning hedges, flowers popping out of the ground, some already past their prime, and the trees full of leaves instead of bare branches. The change of season was bringing a new start to everything around me.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is never to late to start changing the direction of your career or to set career goals. Attending Chapter meetings or helping a fellow IT professional get involved in the Chapter can help you and help the Chapter realize the goal of retaining and increasing membership!

Volunteer for one of the many opportunities we offer to get involved in the local community. Advance in your profession by attending the National BDPA Technology Conference in Raleigh this August. The Conference will be a good source of information for some, a good refresher for others and great networking for everyone. We hope everyone attends!

The rest of the newsletter is full of good information, so I won't keep you any longer. Enjoy the nice weather and the longer days!

Monique Berry, President
BDPA Philadelphia Chapter

Would you care to share any feedback for Monique?
We commonly refer to BDPA Philadelphia as 'THE Chapter' ... paying homage to its status as the original BDPA chapter back in 1976. The first few organizational meetings held at the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia with about 15 people talking about whether or not a Black technology-based organization made sense.

Another meeting held later in 1976 at the Urban Careers Education Center with about 35 people from various areas of the data processing community confirmed the name, Black Data Processing Associates ( BDPA ). A task force (Roger Berry, Craig Bethea, Ralph E. Gordon Jr., Earl A. Pace, and David Wimberly) appointed to create the initial BDPA bylaws.

The following people were elected as BDPA Philadelphia chapter officers in June 1976: President: Earl A. Pace Jr., Vice President: Ralph E. Gordon Jr., Secretary: Charles C. Jones Jr., Treasurer: Mary Ann Lowery, Program Committee: Craig Bethea, Roy Barnes, and F. Douglas Funderburg, Membership Committee: James Moten.

Our Philadelphia chapter hosted national BDPA technology conferences in 1981 ('Growth Through Professional Association'), 1985 ('A Decade of Professional Growth'), 1995 ('Linking Business, Education and Technology') and 2003 ('Information Technology: From the Classroom to the Boardroom').

It surprised me to learn that BDPA Philadelphia never won 'Chapter of the Year' honors until 2007 -2008. Chapter president Monique Berry want Philaldephia to become only the second chapter in history to win this coveted award three years in a row. Do you know the only chapter to three-peat in BDPA history?

BDPA Philadelphia has been unable to train a national championship team for the high school computer competition (HSCC). However, the chapter did have a student (Christian West) earn the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students in 2008. The chapter has never won the national HSCC, however, they have had very positive impact on HSCC alumni such as Marcellus Sims (2006-2007)

I would love to make a connection with other HSCC alumni from our Philadelphia chapter. Where are they now?

Past BDPA Philadelphia chapter presidents Earl Pace and Donald Campbell ( shown in the photo ) served at one point or another on the National BDPA Executive Committee. It would be great if we could hear from each of the past BDPA Philadelphia chapter presidents:
Where Are They Now?

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