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Good morning to all. What are some of the typical officers that the chapters have? I'm sure Prez, VP, Treasurer\Finance, and possibly HSCC Coordinator. Any other ones? I ask because our chapter Hartford is lookin to get some officers installed other than the few we have.

Does your chapter typically do elections or appointments?

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Hello Matthew, 

Here is a potential list of leadership positions that you should consider for your chapter

Vice President - Finance
Vice President - Member Services
Vice President - Membership Management
Vice President - Strategy & Planning
HSCC Coordinator




My name is Ken Wilson.  I am President of BDPA Cleveland and a member of BDPA for 27 years.  Up until the mid 1990's almost all BDPA chapters had as elected officers:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.  Some of the typical Standing Committees were Membership, Communications, and Community Outreach.  Ad-Hoc Committees were appointed as needed.

In the mid 1990's the national organization reorganized with the purpose of transforming BDPA into operating more like a business.  As a result, the idea of "Departments" was implemented.  The departments developed were (and are): Membershp Management, Member Services, Finance Management, Business Management and Strategy & Planning.  Each department is led by a Vice President (Vice President of Finance Management, etc.).  This national structure was adopted my many local chapters.  Some chapters retained the legacy committee structure.

A prominent feature of this new departmental structure is that the Vice President of Business Management is also the "President Elect" and becomes President immediately following his/her two-year term as VP of Business Management.

In Cleveland BDPA, we have adopted a variation of the department structure (See attachment).  We added a Marketing/Alliances department replacing the Strategy & Planning department.  Our rationale for this change was the following:  Marketing was a consistent weakness of the chapter.  Most business organizations have a marketing department.  We need a marketing department.  Additionally, the Strategy & Planning function was actually more spread out throughout the leadership and that if there was a concentration of strategy & planning activity anywhere in the organization, it was being done by the President.  So we moved the strategy & planning function into the Business Management department (President Elect).  We also added a Vice President of Community Services that is essentially what most chapters call Community Outreach.  We belive that it is such a vital part of what BDPA is about that it should not be buried in a Strategy & Planning or Member Services department.  Keep in mind that you will still need someone to record minutes at your meetins, so a Recording and/or Corresponding Secretary function is still needed somewhere in your organization.  We put our Recording Secretary in the Business Management department.

Take a look at the attachment and let me know what you think.



Hi Matthew,


Philadelphia has the following officers:

Vice President - Business Management
Vice President - Finance
Vice President - Member Services
Vice President - Membership Management
Vice President - Strategy & Planning
Vice President - Education
Vice President - Professional Development
Vice President - Communications

Boston MetroWest Chapter using ETP (Enterprise Transition Plan)reflects the

National BDPA Officers--we added CIO, VP Career Development & WebMaster.We also made

President, VP Business Management/President-Elect and VP Finance elective offices and the others

are appointed with the consent of The Executive Board.

We have VJD--Volunteer Job Descriptions for all positions.



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