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Kudos to National BDPA VPSP Curtis Jenkins for hosting nationwide conference call to review the plans for the upcoming regionalization.     It appears that everyone interested in learning about the process should have two documents

1. Regionalization Overview (.ppt) - This is information shared at the 1Q-2011 NBDPA meeting in Chicago.

2. Regionalization Report (26-page .pdf) - This gives details including a Frequently Asked Questions section.

One of the key dates coming up is April 6.   That is the deadline for nominations to fill four (4) regional vice president and four (4) regional director vacancies.

Anyone care to step up and let us know who you think should be nominated?  or who has already been nominated?     Methinks it would be a shame to have no nominations ... because these are critical leadership positions and we shouldn't be deciding on folks "on the floor" in the delegates meeting.    The folks entering these positions need to be getting busy understanding all of the fiscal and organizational challenges about regionalization in the weeks and months leading up to the Delegates Meeting ... not that week in Chicago.

Just a thought.

We have this wonderful online community -- let's talk.  What say u?

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Are copies of the 1Q-2011 Regionalization Overview  and 26-page report .ppt's available on-line?

Wayne, great information!  I too will look forward to these documents being posted.  Thanks much!

Hi Sheila -- National BDPA VPSP Curtis Jenkins indicated that he would try to make the documents available for interested BDPA members.   In the meantime, you may want to reach out to Namon Tarpley from your chapter.   He was on the call and has a copy of the documents.

What are your initial thoughts about regionalization?

I'll reach out to Namon, thanks!  While I'm not privy to specifics with the transition to regionalization, I'm sure as there is strength in numbers, the repositioning will help BDPA to sustain as a thriving and viable organization.   I am guessing there is an extensive OCM effort underway in support of member engagement and corporate sponsor considerations. This is a huge opportunity for BDPA to reintroduce itself to existing stakeholders, as well as make new, strategic introductions.  I will stay tuned for developments!  As always, thanks for making the communication exchange available!

I hope that BDPA leaders attend the Regionalization Update conference calls scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.   

I attended the one tonight.   It lasted for 38 minutes.   The .ppt deck that was being used is self-explanatory and available via

There are 8 new regional leadership positions that are up for election at the conference later this summer.   The nomination period closes next Monday.   Currently, there is one nominee -- Fred Smith (Northeast Region).    The other 7 positions don't have a nominee.

The hope is that these conference calls will encourage nominations and such.

I looked hard at the positions ... and the flaw that I see is that the positions have no revenue stream.   Local and national offices have a revenue stream from membership dues (50-50 split).    The regional officers are being asked to take on important duties previously handled at either local or national level ... duties that can't be done in a pro bono manner ... yet the work is given to these new officers but they have no guaranteed revenue stream.    It is hard to see how that model can be successful.    The new officers will be working hard to demonstrate their 'value-proposition' ... but they aren't valued as the process begins.   No revenue stream for the regional leadership level.

At least one of the regions only has one functioning chapter.   So in that region's case we are going from the expenses of one chapter president to the expenses of 2 regional officers.   It doesn't appear that we will see a cost-savings in that region.

Ah well, I hope that all of y'all read through the material and share it with other chapter leaders.   There are positive aspects to the regionalization concept.   I'm just not certain that the organization needs to be rushing head-first into it at this point.

Just my thoughts.   What say u?

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