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What is Your REAAL NAME?

Most of the time we see true creativity and invention from afar. Steve Jobs is an example. Everyone know that he was a creative man ... but, I doubt that anyone reading this blog post actually met the man in person.

Anthony Hall
I think I've met and interacted with a true creative genius ... Anthony Hall . Anthony is founder of The Rose of Education. The Rose of Education is investigating the use of language to develop new technologies for communications, education, energy, security, defense, propulsion, automotive and robotics. More applications and sectors are being identified.

This is the point when I need to remind you that folks that Jobs was crazy for trying to combine a telephone and a camera in the same piece of equipment.

Hall feels that the result of his efforts will be a bio/technical interface industry, where technology will be used to focus, speed and multiply our natural abilities - cognitive and physical. The Rose of Education is starting at the beginning, with Language.

It's Never Too LATE: Literacy - Academics - Technology – Education, is an initiative intent on increasing awareness and generating interest in the connection these all share - Language.

  • What are the prospects for those who have the creativity and aptitude to succeed in the technological field, but not the mastery of language to allow them to turn imagination into an application?
  • Are there generations of software engineers and programmers residing in our inner-cities, urban and rural communities, just waiting to be identified and nurtured?
The Rose of Education is preparing to find out.

100,000 REAAL NAMES integrates the 4 components in the LATE acronym in a WORDS Game:

First and Last names are turned into acronyms; player chooses words associated with each letter to compose a list of qualities, or a descriptive sentence about the individual that is evocative of closely held aspirations, beliefs, values, visions, etc. For example:
  1. AARON HALL - Ambition And Resilience Overcomes Negativity; Heralding A Lasting Legacy.
  2. DEBI MELZER - Discerns Enlightenment By Imagination, Masters Enlightenment Lovingly, Zeal Empowers Realization.
The WORDS will become part of a unique Dictionary and Database to help expand the vocabularies of children and adults using the letters of their own names.

I encourage all 'villagers' to play and by doing so, play a part in empowering, enriching and uplifting youth everywhere with a most precious gift - our Name.

So, I ask you -- 'What is Your REAAL NAME?'

Here are some definitions created by Anthony Hall and the folks at The Rose of Education:
  • AS - Applications / Systems
  • HATHieroglyphic Acronym Translator
  • ITY - I Them You
  • LATE - Literacy Awareness and Technology Education
  • NAMES - Neural Acronymics Modular Exercises: Summations
  • REAALRevolution in Education: Acronymics AS Language
  • WORDSWhat Our REAAL Dialogue Symbolizes
I plan to create my own REAAL NAME for both 'Wayne Hicks' and 'Villager'. However I must admit that it isn't easy and I haven't been able to do it yet. I may have to break out that bottle of vodka in my kitchen so that my creative juices can truly flow!

I hope you will give it a try. If you do ... please share your REAAL NAME with us! 

Here is our opportunity to live out one of the Kwanzaa principles -- Kuumba (creativity).   Are you ready to 'make it so'?

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    I like this idea because I love word games, but this does seem a bit "Gary Busey" to me.  Let's explore.




Wayne, thank you for those remarkable words. It is truly humbling because, I'm just a grandfather; and somewhat of a language geek.  

Jacky, give it a try. Choose the words to define yourself using the letters of your name. Example:

WAYNE HICKS - Wise African; Your NAME Expresses Hope, Inspiration, Compassion, Kindness, Strength.

7 years ago I watched my daughter give birth to my grandson Nathaniel; it was a transcendent moment; one in which I recognized there is so much work to do to ensure he would have all the opportunities that my parents made certain that my siblings and I had, and more.

'Cherish' defines the longing I have Nathaniel's happiness; and it is also the name of my 1 yr old granddaughter. Whatever gifts and breath I have belongs to them.

OK so what is this all about?

Computational Linguistics + Binary = REAAL/ITY

Is another way to describe this combination of Languages that is being applied toward developing universal definitions for images and symbols.

Much like the hieroglyphs and paintings that adorn pyramid chambers and prehistoric cave walls, which were recognized and understood from Farmer to Pharaoh, REAAL/ITY seeks to create a universally accepted pictorial and programmatic language.

From Speech Recognition, to Speech Writing.

The concept of communicating and educating through images is not new; and words in a particular order can create a painting in the mind. But can each word become a painting, filled with a diversity of meaning and context and emotion?

The Rose of Education has developed a way to assign each meaning a number.

While this is the theoretical concept that will help guide and fund the research; it is the educational component of REAAL/ITY which helps The Rose fulfill its mandates to: Be of Service - Make a Positive Difference - Improve Quality of Life for everyone.

Its about Compassion, and developing technology, products and services with Compassion as the motivation.

And it all starts with a game of WORDS.

Looking forward to learning your REAAL NAMES.


216-854-1235 (EST)


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