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Arabian Nights: Geniuses and GENIES

Recent events draws our attention to a land that fires our imaginations. While some focus on politics and ideology, The Rose of Education draws some of its inspiration from the marvelous tales of physics and mythology in 1001 Arabian Nights.

The land of Aladdin and Algebra and also Aeronautics, informs The Rose's STEM[2: Science in the Projects initiative to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, to millions of children living in areas that foster rich imaginations.

The Rose of Education is designing The GENIE'S CARPET, a concept transportation vehicle that hovers.

Children will become part of the creative development teams.

The Rose will teach everyone how to operate it for Free.

A prototype of the simulator is being tested.

Would you like to see it?



Gravity Enhanced Neural Instability Exercise: STORK

CORE Aeronautics: REAAL/ Physio-Energy Transport

Reactive Executables: Acronymics AS Language

Stance Theory: Optimized Reflex Kinetics


A flying carpet - essentially a floating platform with the control and stabilizing inputs in the floor made up of pressure and sensor plates keyed to respond to the body's weight distribution, transfer and orientation to support the body's center of gravity in flight.

From Icarus to Iron Man, Flight has been the fancy of all humanity. Our imaginations soar with da Vinci's interpretation of manned-flight and the reality of the Wright Brother's success.

The Rose of Education draws its inspiration from imagination and then designs the technical application.

Science in the Projects: The Iron Roses WING F/S

The Rose of Education is searching for students and volunteers to work on a little science project:

Design the CORE Navigation System for The Iron Roses WING/FS (think Icarus + Iron-Man).



WAVE-Inertia Null-Gravity Flight Systems


Secondary component: Pilot Instruction & Training



Stance Theory: Extreme Mobility [1-leg]
WAVE-Inertia Neural-Gyro
FLY Suite/Suit
# #

Please post your questions here or send them to: anthony@theroseofeducation.org

# #

The Rose of Education Organization (TREO)

"Where Education is Child's Play and Technology is a Game"



* Undefined acronyms represent proprietary technology modules that when connected in a specific order, form the basis for a particular project.


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