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LaDonna Crum

I wanted to take that time to say, "Hello"!  I am not sure if everyone is aware that I have taken the opportunity to lead our local chapter as its president.  I have been a member of BDPA Greater Birmingham for some time now, I served as the chapter's High School Computer Competition (HSCC) from 2004-2006.

I am still transitioning to the new leadership position, but, I wanted to contact our group and open up lines of communication with the members and supporters of the BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter.

I attended the April 2013 conference call of BDPA South Regional Chapter Presidents. The conference call focused on the need to encourage all BDPA members to register for the 35th annual National BDPA Technology Conference on August 14- 17, 2013 in Washington DC. Please let me know if you plan to attend. Feel free to email me with this information.

Finally, I would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting with chapter members on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

Thank you,
LaDonna Crum , president
BDPA Greater Birmingham Chapter

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BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter was chartered in August 2004.  The chapter is a key element of our BDPA South Region and a past host of a quarterly National BDPA Board of Directors meeting.  The future looks bright for BDPA Greater Birmingham as they welcome on board the newest chapter president -- La Donna Crum.

La Donna Crum, President
BDPA Greater Birmingham Chapter

Address: P.O. Box 10341
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 504-1438

La Donna shared his BDPA story with us:
My vision for BDPA Greater Birmingham Chapter over the next couple of years under my presidency is to promote membership, obtain sponsorship and build a competitive High School Computer Competition team. I feel strongly that we can offer community service, participate in local technology events and educate our community on Information Technology (IT). I envision our chapter becoming a pillar within our community for the IT industry; to become a household name and to prepare our youth people to become IT professionals.
HER FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Each One Should Teach One!'

Please use the POST COMMENT link below to share some BDPA-Love with the president our BDPA Greater Columbia chapter!

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LaDonna Crum
I will start off by saying that if you missed this meeting (' BDPA Greater Birmingham – A Look into 2014 '), you missed a wealth of information. Thank you for those of you that was able to attend. Also, thank you Mahari McTier !

As always, let’s remember to RENEW our membership. Based on the question posed by Cedrick , we do believe that networking is important.

This Kick Off Meeting added new avenues for our chapter to grow.
  1. We touched on Membership. We discussed more aggressive ways to RECRUIT new members. This includes a marketing strategy that will allow us to identify locations throughout Birmingham and distribute fliers/postcards and to approach our local college and introduce ourselves.
  2. We touched on building a Network of local entities that rely on BDPA Greater Birmingham for IT professionals and IT Services. And as a result, this will create value for our members at the local level.
  3. We touched on creating Programs (in addition to the current programs) such as, workshops at our local churches for computer literacy and career assistance. Other programs, like IT Boot Camp at Miles College during the summer. And Internships for our students.
  4. We discussed local funding and potential corporate sponsors, as well as, alliances with other non-profit groups.
  5. We acquired a number of contacts in different capacities that have been known to support a healthy cause, such as ours.
So, we covered a broad number of topics and I must admit that the feedback from this meeting was phenomenal!

Thank you!
A message from your local Prez.
LaDonna Crum , president
BDPA Greater Birmingham
BDPA provides its members with unique opportunities to develop leadership skills in a comforting environment. One person who has taken full advantage of the career-building opportunities in BDPA is LaDonna Crum . LaDonna is currently serving as president of BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter ... one of the fastest growing chapters in the nation!

We recently asked LaDonna to participate in our Take Five interview series.

  1. How did you get involved with BDPA? - I originally heard of BDPA in 2003 as a recent graduate of Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio). But I didn’t get the opportunity to join at that time. However, a co-worker invited me to a BDPA program meeting when I moved to Birmingham, AL. I joined BDPA after this meeting. A little later I became the chapter's High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Coordinator. I served in that role from 2004-2006.
  2. What is your favorite part of working with BDPA? - My favorite part of working with BDPA is the personal growth. BDPA gives me the opportunity to communicate with other IT professionals. At the same time I have the opportunity to learn from these professionals. Also, BDPA afforded me the opportunity to move into a leadership role and lead our local chapter. I have expanded my networking circle on a local, regional and national level since becoming part of BDPA.
  3. What future evolution or change would you like to see in BDPA? - The future evolution I would like to see in BDPA is the overall growth of the organization on a national level. I would like to see BDPA as a primary Information Technology forum for our industry and community throughout the United States. For instance, I would like to see a greater connection between BDPA and government officials at both the federal and municipal levels.
  4. Why should someone pay $100 membership dues to join BDPA? - BDPA is an investment in your personal growth. You will have the opportunity to network with other IT professionals; give back to your community; grow in terms of your technical and professional skills and an improved opportunity for career enhancement.
  5. Any advice for people considering a donation to the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) - Your donation benefits students in our community by exposing them to the world of information technology. This will contribute to a greater future for them in the workforce and in our community.

I encourage all of our readers to help LaDonna grow the programs, scholarships and services offered by BDPA Greater Birmingham. One immediate way you can support is through a secure online donation to the chapter's HSCC scholarship program!

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