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BDPA-RegionalizationUpdate-... Edit 06/28/2011 120.8 KB Wayne
BDPA Regionalization Update (June 2011) - this .ppt deck provides the current status of the ongoing transition BDPA is making to a regional model of governance.
bdpa-BAA.doc Edit 10/15/2009 533.5 KB Wayne
BAA is a formal process to detail a specific area of business interest and produce an architecture to guide changes in process, organization, location, application, data, and technology. BDPA has 5 business areas (BusMgt, Fin, MemMgt, MemSvc & StratPlan).
bdpa-etp.doc Edit 10/15/2009 254 KB Wayne
This is the Enterprise Transformation Plan (ETP) approved by the National BDPA Board of Directors in 1997. It details the complete reorganization of the traditional processes, structure and focus of BDPA as adopted by NBOD.

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