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Gibran McDuffie (Chicago) pointed me to YourCause.com and I think it may be an outstanding way to improve fundraising for all 45 BDPA chapters.   Please take a moment to check it out ... and let me know what you think.


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Asante sana to Frantzy Jean Phillipe (http://www.yourcause.com/hpfrantzy5) for supporting our funding raising efforts via YourCause.com.

Our hope is that others will join this effort as well.   What say u?

BETF --> http://www.yourcause.com/Charities/521806848


Gibran McDuffie raised $155 last week via his http://www.YourCause.com efforts. That funding helps to pay for the conference registration of a Chicago student to attend the upcoming 2010 National BDPA Conference.

The impact of the donations made by Gibran, Ray Jus'land, Mario Camacho, Yongmei Jia, and Lucia Bird are helping at least one student.

Isn't that how we make a difference? One student at a time ... one donation at a time.

Are you interested in joining Gibran on http://www.YourCause.com ? I did it -- http://www.YourCause.com/BDPAFoundation

As of today we have raised $1375.56 via YourCause.com.

It would be great if we could raise that total to $1500 by this time next week.   What say u?    Can you click here --> http://www.yourcause.com/Charities/521806848   and help us get our donation today up to $1500 within the next 7 days?

We need your help if we want to keep providing scholarships to BDPA students.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is very proud of the growing number of people that care enough about BDPA programs and services to create a cause page showing their support. Our supporters include:
  1. Shawn Franklin - Helping Our Youth Succeed in Science & Technology
  2. Wayne Hicks - Bringing Science and Technology to Our Youth
  3. Gibran McDuffie - Teaching Technology to High School Students
  4. Frantzy Jean Philippe - Exposing Students to Engineering and IT
  5. Stacy Stewart - Bringing Science and Technology to Our Youth
Each of these supporters connected their cause page to the BETF charity page . As a result, BETF receives donations to support the operations of our foundation, our scholarships and our local BDPA chapters.

Each of the supporters shown above are making a difference for African Americans in the information technology industry who strive to advance from the classroom to the boardroom.

What are you waiting for? Why don't you create a cause page as well!

I see that we have a new YourCause.com supporter!

Please visit the new page created by Brenda Johnson.

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