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Seeking Volunteers for Social Media Demographics project...

All -- I'm looking for a volunteer that can help BETF do some social media demographics.   I don't anticipate that the volunteer assignment will take more than 3-5 hours.

Please let me know if you have time or inclination to support BETF with this research project.

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I'm always interested in demographics....count me in


As Outside Director, Social Networking initiatives for BDPA fall within my area of responsibility. You can see the beginnings of our work in this area posted on www.bdpa.org at:




We are just embarking on a IBM with project to promote the national conference using social media and have a volunteers lined up. For example, we used the BGG Tweet Up to promote the BFTAW meeting in BDPA Chicago with some success.


The generic VJD is posted in the BDPA Career Center at:


 Please tell me more about your BETF social media project. This may be something we can work on together.

@Milt -- thanx for the background on your role with BDPA social networking initiatives.  I think that a logical first step would be to include BETF social networking sites on the page you reference -- http://www.bdpa.org/socialnetworks.php

You can find a link to all of our (BETF) social networks at the bottom of each website page -- http://www.betf.org/

Can you/your team work with the CIO team to 'make it so'?

peace,  Wayne

@Jim -- Asante sana!  I will contact you offline to tell you what I need.   You can let me know if you have ability to help us move the ball forward on this social media demographics project.

Our BETF volunteer (Jim Neusom) completed his assignment.   The document is now being circulated with BETF directors for their review / comment.   Would you like to see it as well?

I would love to have other eyeballs on the document to let us know what should be added, deleted or revised.   What say u?

If interested -- send me an email (wayne.hicks@betf.org)


 Good Morning Wayne and BDPA Family,

One of my reference sources noted in the report was Wikipedia. BDPA members looking to take advantage of the current social networking phenomenon for their own, or business purposes might want this list


Secondly, many of our members might find the Radio One study on New Media and Black America Today, very beneficial


 I did not include the actual links in the official BETF Foundation report....You might want to correct that for me...smile

Here To Serve,

Jim Neusom (jneusom@yahoo.com)
Executive Director/Publisher
InterServe Networks/City Lights Software, Inc.

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