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BETF-ChapterPayables-1202.xlsx Edit 04/15/2012 34.3 KB Wayne
BETF Chapter Payables Report (Feb 2012). Contact Wayne if you have questions or wish to discuss further.
BETF-PayrollDonations-2010.pdf Edit 01/17/2011 39.7 KB Wayne
Payroll Pledges rec'd by BETF in CY-2010
BETF-FinancialAudit-2009.pdf Edit 05/27/2010 1.5 MB Wayne
2009 BETF Financial Audit - this is certified audit completed by Ulysis Consulting CPA.
BETF-TaxReturn990-2009.pdf Edit 05/27/2010 5.3 MB Wayne
2009 BETF Federal Tax Return (Form 990)

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