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BDPA iRadio Show: July 26, 2011

Michael Robinson agreed to be a guest on our July 26th show.   Michael is one of the highest ranking Black executives with Microsoft.   His focus will be on what Corporate America is looking for BDPA to deliver as we move further into the 21st century.

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Goldie Bonney is confirmed for the July 26th show.   Goldie is a long-time BDPA member. She currently serves as BDPA New Jersey chapter president.

Her chapter's HSCC team rec'd the silver medal at the 2011 Southeast Regional HSCC Championship held at Bowie State University. Her chapter is the only one in the nation with a "Families In Technology" Day - workshops, booths, games and a give-away of over 500 laptop computers over the past few years. This is one of the ‘best practices' that she can share with the audience.

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Cedric Sanders agreed to be a guest on our July 26th show.

Cedric has the unique distinction of being a participant in the 1991 National BDPA High School Computer Competition held in New York City -- 20 years ago!    He was a member of the team trained by our (now extinct) BDPA Kansas City chapter.

Currently Cedric serves as an administrative manager with the United States Navy.   We look forward to hearing his unique perspective on the impact his early experiences with BDPA had on his career.

Monique Berry agreed to be a guest on our July 26th show.     We are now fully booked with guests for the July 26th show.

Monique has a powerful BDPA legacy. Her chapter won chapter-of-the-year honors during both of the years that she was a chapter president. She currently serves as our national president-elect. She is a leader on the team that is planning the 2011 BDPA Technology Conference in Chicago. She has a vision for where she would like to take BDPA in 2012-2013 when she becomes national president.

We are looking for any suggestions on questions or topics that should be raised with our guests on the July 26th show: Monique Berry, Michael Robinson, Goldie Bonney and Cedric Sanders.

What questions would you like to see addressed during the show?


BDPA Cleveland Chapter's past president Beverly Peterson wants to the following question to be asked on the show,

"What and how has the BDPA organization utilized state-of-art technology."

These BDPA iRadio Shows get better and better each week.   

Monique shared her vision for the future of BDPA with specific examples of programs that she wants to implement.  I enjoyed her emphasis on the need for BDPA leaders to increase our level of engagement and communication within the organization.   Monique also gave shout-outs to the conference team as she described what the audience can expect from the conference next week.

Michael encouraged BDPA members to recognize the leadership development opportunities that BDPA provides as we are moving up the corporate ladder at our workplace.  He also shared the concept of diversity dexterity with the audience and noted it was important in his most recent 4-year stint working for Microsoft on the African continent and beyond.   

Cedric shared the impact that BDPA had on his life as a high school junior and senior in 1990 and 1991 when he represented BDPA Kansas City chapter in the national HSCC Championship.  The confidence and the skills that he was taught during the local training and national competitions served him well as he moved through his career with the US Navy.    We are hopeful to reconnect Cedric with his other HSCC teammates from 20 years ago.

Goldie shared her passion for BDPA with an emphasis on the powerful programs that her chapter puts on for the community ... specifically the Families In Technology Day ... held for the past 8 years by BDPA New Jersey chapter.  It turns out that BDPA has given away over 800 laptop computers to families in New Jersey as part of the annual FIT Day process.   Goldie is looking forward to visiting Chicago for the first time in her life next week!

BDPA iRadio Show host Franne McNeal continues to do a remarkable job in getting a wealth of information passed along during a strict 60-minute window for each show.  If you were not able to listen to the show live ... I hope you will listen to the archived version of the show --> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bdpa/2011/07/27/bdpa-iradio-july-26-2011

This is my review of the July 26th show.  I hope that others who listened will share their thoughts as well.

NOTE:  We broke our record for the largest LIVE LISTENING AUDIENCE tonight!    Thanks to all of you that took time from your schedule to listen live!

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