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Confirmed Guests: April 22, 2014

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is proud to announce that BDPA New York chapter president Tyrone McKinney will be our guest on the April 22nd episode of the BDPA iRadio Show!

Tyrone took over as the president of the BDPA New York chapter in January 2014. His chapter is a powerful force within the community and the IT industry, however, Tyrone has plans to take the chapter to the next level by focusing on its visibility, viability and marketability. Our BDPA iRadio Show listeners will have a chance to learn about the accomplishments of Tyrone and his chapter over the first 100 days of the year, as well as his plans for the remaining two years of his presidential term.

Please follow Tyrone on Twitter: @tmckinne

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We are proud to announce that Timothy Butts, owner of TEB1 & Associates will be our guest on the April 22nd episode of BDPA iRadio Show.

Tim owns a consultancy that specializes in business intelligence and IT systems. He has been working with healthcare organizations for over 20 years. His company, TEB1 & Associates, came on board as a BDPA sponsor earlier this year. He accepted a challenge given to all entrepreneurs to sponsor BDPA college student memberships.

Also, Tim agreed to be a presenter at the 2014 BDPA Youth Technology Camp on the topic, 'Professional and Business Etiquette'. Tim will provide the young people guidance on proper business behaviors and habits that include tips on dressing for success and proper dining.

This is the second time that Tim appears as a BDPA iRadio Show guest.  He was with us a year ago to talk about implementing Healthcare IT projects in Corporate America.

You can follow Tim on Twitter: @TEB1Consulting

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is excited to learn that National BDPA vice president Pamela Sexton has agreed to be our recurring guest on April 22, May 27, June 24 and July 22 episodes of the BDPA iRadio Show!

Pamela Sexton is National BDPA vice president (2014-2015). As such, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the largest association of African American IT professionals in the nation. These duties include the planning and execution of BDPA's signature event ... the 36th annual BDPA Technology Conference ... being held in Indianapolis on August 5-9, 2014.

Pamela also works with the national president and others on the national board of directors to implement an aggressive strategy known as 'BDPA 2.0' to take the organization to the next level in terms of visibility, viability and marketing. BDPA iRadio Show invites Pamela to share updates on the implementation of BDPA 2.0 as well as any new information on the upcoming annual conference with our listening audience.

You can follow BDPA on Twitter: @BDPA

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