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Confirmed Guests: September 22, 2015

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is happy to announce that Kyle Rivers will be our guest on the September 22nd episode of the BDPA iRadio Show.

Kyle Rivers is a volunteer instructor at Bloomfield College. He works on the computer science initiative at the college.  The weekly  computer camp program welcomes students from 24 New Jersey schools and provides instruction in areas such as web development, application development, and database design and development. Kyle trained the high school students who represented BDPA New Jersey in the national High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championship held at the 2015 National Technology Conference. The team came in 5th place winning a Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship for their high performance ... the second-highest ranking in the history of BDPA New Jersey chapter!

The relationship between BDPA New Jersey and Bloomfield College is unique. Our audience would love to hear more about this strategic alliance. We would also love to hear about Kyle's experience in the training as well as his actual experience in Washington DC during the week of the conference.

You can follow BDPA New Jersey on Twitter --> @BDPANewJersey

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BETF is glad to announce that Adrian Ables will be our guest on the September 22nd episode of the BDPA iRadio Show!

Adrian Ables is a senior at DePauw University. He won the Johnson & Johnson Scholarship for BDPA Students. Adrian was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has lived with his family in Oklahoma for most of his life. His passion has always been soccer ever since he was a little kid. He loves reaching out to his community and teaching kids how to play soccer. He teaches young people that they need to work hard on and off the field. Adrian is the captain of the soccer team at DePauw University.

Adrian wrote, "Being a student athlete has shown me the benefits of persevering through rough times along with bringing me into contact with a wide range of people. Furthermore, I am pursuing a major in computer science at my university as well. The IT area fascinates me and I love discussing new ideas or projects. I want to pursue a career in the administrative side of IT."

Adrian drove to Cincinnati earlier this summer to participate in the BDPA Midwest Regional IT Showcase. He competed in the 13th annual BDPA IT Showcase in Washington DC last month. His topic focused on social media and how it can positively impact the workplace infrastructure, communication, and environment.

Our BDPA iRadio Show listeners would like to hear about Adrian's experience at the BDPA conference and how he plans to use his JnJ college scholarship funding.


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